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Kapal Api Charity Event Celebrating New Years Eve

Kapal Api Charity Event Celebrating New Years Eve

Pontianak: Young people are freely enjoying the changing of the year celebration. Kopi Good Day could not be left behind in celebrating the coming of New Year.

Pontianak became one of the places for the young people to hangout and mingled waiting the changing of the year on 31st December 2018. Cafe Dini became the location for the changing of the year. Variety of shows brought colors to this event, starting from games, music concert and then ended with fireworks.

A relaxing event and held in the central of Pontianak city certainly brought fresh breeze for the local people. Previously on the same day in Pontianak, Kapal Api together with Kodam (Regional Military Command) Kubu Raya Pontianak held a charity event. Along with TNI (Indonesian National Army) members, Kapal Api held fund raise for the Selat Sunda tsunami victims. The people were also actively participated in the charity event at the field of Kodam Kubu Raya Pontianak.

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