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Fastrata Buana Builds The Winning Team

Fastrata Buana Builds The Winning Team

April 10th – 12th, 2019 became unforgetable moment for the Management Level in PT Fastrata Buana, from all parts of Indonesia streamed to a place of village nuanced in Citarik, Sukabumi.

Training & Development team of PT Fastrata Buana colaborated with Caldera Adventure were responsible for that unforgetable moment. It was the National Outing 2019. For 3 days and 2 nights, the participants underwent a dynamic to become “The Wining Team”.

The theme which was carried was inspired from one of core values of Kapal Api Global, that is The Wininng Team. The Winning Team was the result from Team Work which has been done together all along. The purpose was not merely to wrtk together, but also to gain success in reaching the goal. On the first day, Merry Riana gave her motivation and became a real proof that everyone has equal opportunity in reaching success.

The positive energy which was received on the first day made the participants more enthusiatic in following the event. On the second day, the President of PT Fastrata Buana Lukas Hariyanto once again emphasized the positive message which was delivered by Merry Riana. He reminded that PT Fastrata Buana has “Big Dream” to become number 1 distribution company in Asia. In the effort to reach that “Big Dream” it is expected that each one of us is always focus on the goal and have flexible side.

Flexibility will enrich our knowledge and networking with other companies. Not only that, Merry Riana gave the seven steps which lead her to her success until now. That is, seven steps toward I am possible! On the second day, the participants were led to solve some obstacles which had been prepared in the arena.

The participants which were devided into groups were competing to become the winning team. The teams were given the freedom to choose the arena and the opponent to finish the challenges as soon as possible. On the last day, the participants were led to enjoy the swift current of Citarik river, Sukabumi. Those who participated in the activities got a lot of knowledge and new spirit which is hoped can be applied in the work field to give positive effect for the company. A big hope for a cup of spirit to spread worldwide and shine brightly.

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