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Cap Go Meh Celebration With Kapal Api

Cap Go Meh Celebration With Kapal Api

Singkawang: The grandeur of Cap Go Meh celebration was highly anticipated. Kapal Api did not want to be left behind to celebrate the peak ceremony of the Imlek New Year, which lasted from 3rd to 20th February, 2019.

Singkawang, Kalimantan Barat became one of the cities which celebrate Cap Go Meh in a big scale. Not only domestic tourists but also international tourists participated in the celebration. Variety of activities were done in the city which considered the most tolerant city in Indonesia. Kapal Api’s booths which completed with interesting games also colored the celebration.

There was also art stage performed Indonesian national dances enliven Cap Go Meh celebration in Singkawang. The peak of the show was ended with fireworks which is the special characteristic of Cap Go Meh. Not only in Singkawang, similar celebration were also going on in Kemaro Island, Palembang. The event which lasted from 16-18th February 2019 was held in a famous recreational location in Palembang, Pulau Kemaro (Kemaro Island). It is known as one of recreational locations with Chinesse culture. As Cap Go Meh moment has come, the local people were very active in the pond with so many visitors from outside Palembang visiting the place.

They did not come only to celebrate but also to perform religious duty in celebrating Cap Go Meh 2019. Approximately there were a total of 10.000 people per day. On 20th February 2019, Cap Go Meh was also held in Makassar. ‘Jappa Jokka’ Cap Go Meh in Makassar gathered all the local people in a warm celebration. On the 15th night of Imlek 2570, Tionghoa community and the pople of Makassar mixed in this festival. They made the celebration as an entertainment and a realization of tolerant.

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