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Yes I Can Do it

Yes I Can Do it

It is said, some time before starting the marathon race, a young runner approached his coach and asked, "Can I beat the runners? They are experienced athletes who have won many races. "

To strengthen his students who are in a state of doubt, the coach said, "You can do it. Focus your mind on the finish line that is across there. Then, give all your ability to run. When running, don't look left or right, never mind back. "

"Are you sure?" asked the young athlete again. "I am very confident. Therefore, you must also be sure that you are the winner in this race, "the coach assured again.

After receiving positive support from the coach, the young athlete re-prepares himself before the race begins. He obeys all the advice given by his coach. When the race began, he tried hard to maximize all abilities in him. Finally, he also won the race.

We also need to do everything we can do today with perseverance and firm conviction.

Don't mess around much. Stay focused. When we see many other things, our concentration will be divided so that whatever we do will not focus. If we lose focus, fear will arise, inferior, restless, and so forth.

Learn from running athletes. When athletes start at the start line, they don't think about anything other than their goal, the Finish line. Even when they were running, they never looked left and right, let alone backward.

When a runner starts to see other runners around them, their concentration will begin to divide. Thus, he must be left behind. They don't care whether other runners follow them or not. What is in their minds is trying as hard as possible to reach the finish line as soon as possible.

Likewise we should do it in business. When doing something, do not be influenced by other things that do not provide benefits.

All that does not provide added value, does not promise anything. What promises is only what we are doing or doing. What we will receive in the future is the result of what we are doing now. The saying goes "Whoever plants, he also has the right to reap."

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do"

- John Wooden -

Source: K. Tatik Wardayati - Sunday, 23 October 2016 | 18:08 WIB in, which is also published in (FB Insight bulletin November 2019)

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